Hi, it’s Rich, the IES Admin here!

As most of you know, I first became involved in the IES forum through my work with Jillian Stevens, who authored a self-help program for people struggling with emetophobia.

Over the past year, there has been a difference in philosophy between myself and Jillian regarding the program and its future direction. The easiest way to summarize the conflict was that I felt strongly that the program needed changes and improvements, while the founder did not.

To keep things brief, over the past several months I have taken over operations and ownership of the program and completely redesigned and dramatically improved it, with the help of others. It will no longer be called by it’s old name, but is now the “Emetophobia Recovery System”. I won’t get into the details of what is included, you can read all that from the link below if you have an interest, but the information provided has been multiplied many times over, and the quality is much improved.


I’ve decided that anyone who purchased the “old” program will be able to receive a complimentary copy of the new program. If you purchased Jillian’s program, please check your email and you will automatically receive a link to get your copy.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know through the contact page on the program website, not the forum. I don’t want the forum to become a place for customer service types of questions or issues related to the program. Of course you’re welcome to discuss the program, your progress, etc., but if you have specific question or have a technical issue, please direct those accordingly.

I want to thank everyone here who helped me make this great source of information and help for emetophobics a reality, including all the moderators who participated, especially Sage who had fantastic advice and recommendations. I couldn't have done it without you.

You can read more about the Emetophobia Recovery System here: