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Thread: medication?

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    Default medication?

    I've been in therapy for my emetophobia since September of last year after I decided enough was enough. Recently though my anxiety has gotten a lot worse, but I'm not sure why. There hasn't been anything specific that has been triggering it, but it's definitely there.

    I was thinking about asking my therapist about medication to help me cope with the anxiety, but I'm not sure if that's the answer. I have been trying a lot of non-medicinal exercises, but I find that they haven't really been helping.

    Has anyone had experience with any type of medication to help treat this? I'm also only 18 so I don't know if being so young would affect their ability to prescribe me anything.

    Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Hello im also 18.. hmm i have other mental health problems including depression and my docter gave me a perscription for citalopram which he said will also help with the anixety... even though its not speciaffically for this phobia it has helped.. as long as your 18 you can be perscibed stuff... Their was other things for anixety that iv been told other the years such as drinking herbal teas.. taking lavander baths ect which personally i dont think work.. and several distraction techniques for panic attacks..

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    i take prozac which helps me greatly with anxiety and obsessing on things......i can totally tell that it lessens my emet panic attacks....

    good luck!
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    Default Re: medication?

    I also take citalopram (the generic for Celexa) and I started taking it last year. Then I stopped taking it just suddently and my anxiety came back with a vengence! Im not on it again and it has helped so so so much. I still have panic attacks but they are less frequent and not as intense. However Im a low dose which I think needs to be increased but sometimes you have to try and see which dose works for you. I tried Paxil once and thought I was gunna die....it gave me the WORST panic attack ever. I have zero side effects from citalopram. It really has helped alot. I would reccomend it to anyone. =]
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