Hey everyone, I知 hoping I知 on the right section of the forum for this, however I知 somewhat stressed right now about me possibly getting my a stomach flu - my church group last week met for thanksgiving in small group last Friday, then on that Saturday nearly 13 in the group were sick with a stomach flu (I ruled out food poisoning), most everyone stopped with symptoms this Monday. I just had a church youth group (its Friday now, a week since the thanksgiving event) , about 4 of the people there of the 11 had had the sv - none of them had symptoms anymore, but I spent the night with them (4 hours). I was the only one wearing a mask, I didn稚 touch my mouth or anything the whole night, nor did I touch any food or drinks provided, I also frequently used hand sanitizer and when I got home I washed my hands and my phone pretty diligently. I知 still a bit stressed since I read that people can still be contagious for some time after they stop showing symptoms, so I知 stressed if there痴 a chance of me getting the sv??? I think I just need a bit of reassurement rn that the chances are slim ( I quite literally touched almost no surfaces in the room with everyone). Thank you for your responses

p.s I might be looking into cognitive therapy soon to try and see if I can learn to handle my emetophobia a bit better so woot woot that maybe I値l someday add into the triumphs section