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Thread: Is this it?

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    Default Is this it?

    Today, I ate 2 kolaches with ketchup for breakfast. For lunch, I ate a burger from sonic with tater tots, and not too long ago, I was eating hot wing and ranch flavored lays chips.

    A few minutes ago, I was laying down, watching videos on my phone when I started feeling weird. It wasn't an unfamiliar feeling but nonetheless was a feeling I don't enjoy. It wasn't exactly a sick feeling, it was hard to describe.

    However now, after I got up and decided to drink a bit of a Dr. Pepper, chew a little stick of gum and take a short walk, I started feeling sick. Not nauseated, but I have lots of pain in my upper abdomen and lower abdomen and pelvis.

    There's gurgling too. I don't know if it's an effect from the gum, since I've gotten that way from it before, or if I'm getting sick, but I'm scared. I felt like I had to make a BM but also have congestion and a bit of gagging.

    The stools are pretty loose and the pain and gurgling is still present, which scares me. I don't know what to expect right now, but I really don't want to vomit. I'm still not nauseated but I am having some pretty bad, soft, BMs and it's making me nervous because I don't know what's to come.
    Please help!

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    I know yhat this post was from a long time ago, but if you are still active on here, what ended up happening?

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    That happens to me all the time

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    Hello? A new member here



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