Has anyone here had the COVID vaccine yet?

Which one did you get?

Did you have any side effects?

You know the one I'm especially worried about. DREADED VOMITING!!!

I've been reading material about the prevalence of nausea and/or vomiting from the vaccine. Pfizer reports the rate of vomiting from theirs, and it's less than 2 percent. Moderna reports nausea or vomiting together, and it's as high as 23 percent. They don't say what the rate of vomiting is. I feel like I'm being lied to. I'm worrying that the Moderna vaccine has a high rate of vomiting and they're reporting it together with nausea to cover it up.

The Moderna side effects study has 36 authors on it. Don't those 36 people know that nausea and vomiting are different things?

Please help. I'm worried about this.