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    I am in 2 spring courses and it's really taking alot out of me. We learn at an excelled speed....I had texts every week. I'm down to 2 courses now. My math and a religion course. The math is going well (I have a tutor) and the religion, not so much. I got my first paper back and I only got a C (better than a fail) and her next paper is due next friday and I have NO idea what to write it's about Neo-modernism and death. Then I have the midterm this monday. Which I started studying for this past thursday. Theres a ton of reading, I got all the reading done last night and today I am going to do outlines for the questions (she gave us what COULD be on the midterm).

    Yesturday at school I started to feel sick. My stomac was achey, I had to go to the bathroom....just felt really rundown. I had to work at 8 pm, but I called in sick and of course my boss gave me a hard time. I got upset, stuck out my last class then went home exhausted and slept for two hours. Then I studied for 3, went back to sleep for 9 hours and I'm up for the day!

    Today I have a tutoring session at 1130, then I have to do those outlines (I'm going to stay at the library so I won't be distracted) and hopefully get a nap in before tonight. Tonight I have a social/party thing for my friend. I already have a ticket so I can't get out of it. I was looking forward to it but I'm afraid I am going to burn myself out again!!! I work in the morning (10 am, so I'm planning on buggering off early about 11ish...back to my boyfriends and to work in the morning). Then I have to study after work, Midterm monday, paper due friday, art project due the next monday.


    I've never been so busy in my life. I'm mostly worried about burning out again. I feel better today, just a bit tired. I'm going to drink plenty of water, have a good breakfast get off to tutoring and homework. I just keep telling myself that it'll all be over soon....June 23 is my last final exam!

    I'm still anxious, oh and to top things off the other morning I broke down for no reason except for STRESS at my boyfriends place. Ugh.

    I can't get out of anything,I just have to keep on going!
    .I just want to feel safe in my own skin. I just want to be happy again. I just want to feel deep in my own world. But Iím so lonely I donít even want to be with myself. <3

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    not to long now !!! good luck !!



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