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Thread: Pianos!

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    Wonderwhen and I had been threatening to take over another thread talking about pianos, so I decided to make a real piano thread here!

    WW, you asked how long I have been playing - it's been 18 years now (I started lessons when I was 3). My favourite piano is Steinway, and I mostly play classical, with a little bit of Christian rock. I used to be in my junior high jazz band, but that's as far as I got with jazz! This fall I'm going into my fourth year of piano performance BMus at University. What styles do you play?

    Any other piano enthusiasts can answer too!

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    Well since i play by ear i guess i dont have a style. I can read music though. It is just a question of getting what i read to go to my hands and i have a slow brain lol. I use to sit at the piano and try to play but nothing would happen and then one day it was like something was different. I know that sounds crazy but i have been playing and writing songs ever since. I have been told my piano is very mellow and depressing =(. I guess that can be a good thing sometimes. I really have come along though. My fav thing to do is to go into a piano store and play every piano they have there lol. Im very good about playing things i hear. Like stuff on the radio ie coldplay. So ya its alot of fun. Oh and i also play the guitar and am playing around with a violin.



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