I've put the link up on another post, but here are some coping methods i found on an eating disorder sight to distract you, but some thing also maybe helpfull when you feel n*?.
[*]Write in your Journal

[*]Listen to your favorite music

[*]Watch a sunset

[*]Color in a coloring book

[*]Play your favorite instrument

[*]Tell one person how you feel

[*]Teach a child to play a game

[*]Pop or stomp on bubble-wrap

[*]Have a water balloon fight

[*]Paint a picture

[*]Go to the pet store

[*]Take a long hot bath

[*]Go berry picking

[*]Hug someone

[*]Take a long drive

[*]Pack up some clothes for charity

[*]Go to a concert

[*]Take a leisurely walk

[*]Rent your favorite movie

[*]Take a trip to the toy store

[*]Go to a movie by yourself

[*]Call an old friend

[*]Fingerpaint, Doodle

[*]Build with blocks. Build a tower and knock it down

[*]Build with Legos

[*]Spend time with your pet

[*]Wash your car with a friend

[*]Pick dandelions

[*]Have a water-gun fight

[*]Play Hopscotch

[*]Have a snowball fight with somone

[*]Paint a Room in your house

[*]Read a book

[*]Take a vacation

[*]Take a nap

[*]Count and roll loose change

[*]Throw nerf balls, koosh balls or bean-bags at a wall (available at most toy stores)

[*]Remind Yourself "It'll be Ok"

[*]Take a deep breath, count to 10

[*]Ask your therapist to make a tape with you that you can use during difficult times

[*]Go to a favorite "safe" location (beach, park, woods, playground, etc.)

[*]Think of advice you'd give someone else... and take it!

[*]Say something good about yourself

[*]Meditate, use Relaxation

[*]Have a pillow fight or punch a pillow

[*]Do gardening or housecleaning

[*]Play your favourite game as a child

[*]Spend time with a sibling

[*]Hold and/or tell your favorite stuffed animal or doll your feelings

[*]Stay in touch with others through contact - don't isolate yourself



<ul>[*]Remind yourself "I'm going to be ok" and "I'm not crazy"... this is a normal part of the recovery process

[*]Plant your feet firmly on the ground

[*]Count up 1 to 10 then back 10 to 1

[*]Say outloud things you see and smell

[*]Touch the wall, the floor and objects close to you

[*]Call someone on the phone

[*]Walk around and watch your own feet - listen to the sound

[*]Listen to yourself breathe - Do deep breathing

[*]Listen to music and count the beats

[*]Don't be afraid to ask for help

[*]Hug someone safe

[*]Hold someone's hand (someone safe)

[*]Tear up paper, throw ice, chew ice chips

[*]Visualize the memory as an object and put it "away" (for example, the memory is a blue rubber ball and you put it in a toybox)

[*]Focus on details... leaves on trees, blades of grass, fibers in carpet

[*]Call your therapist

[*]Hold and/or talk to a stuffed animal

[*]Fight the voices - change the negatives to positives

[*]Play an instrument

[*]Gently wash your face, hands or hair

[*]Do gardening, shovel snow or mow the lawn

[*]Color in a coloring book

[*]Rock in a rocking chair

[*]Touch a familiar object that you carry with you (keys, a necklace) or listen to your watch ticking

[*]Hold and pet your cat or dog

[*]Make a list of things to do or