Okay everyone I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm done. I'm done with pleasing my parents, pleasing my sisters, and pleasing just about every other MOFO who thinks that they can walk all over me and expect me not to be mad or put up a fight.

Here's the deal. So my dad gives me 2 hours to clean my apartment to HIS liking, so I clean my ass off. My mom and dad get here and it's not clean enough, in fact it's so UNCLEAN that my mom starts yelling at me and goes around cleaning everything! She's yelling at me about how she SHOULDN'T have to clean for me! Well no one F***ING ASKED HER TOO! If they would have just given me a little more time I could have cleaned, but NO they had to do it THEIR way...which means THEY clean and LECTURE and YELL at me at the same time.

I just totally broke down and immediately started drinking to calm my nerves. Yes my parents make me drink, I usually don't drink but luckily I had some wine coolers on hand. They just kept flipping out on me and yelling at me and they just wouldn't stop...not even when I was in tears! Finally they left after I told them I was just F***Ing done with them. They cleaned up most of my place but left me to do the rest after complaining that I don't know how to do anything right.

Then they had the NERVE to ask me to come to my sister's graduation tomorrow! And my dad (Knowing I haven't gotten my paycheck this week) asked me if I got my sister a gift. I told him that he knew DAMN WELL That I didn't have the money cause I didn't get my check. And he's all like, "Well that's your own fault you could have saved" well LA DE DA Mr. I MAKE 152,000 DOLLARS A YEAR!! SCREW HIM!!

I came VERY close to slashing my wrists today cause I'm very very very sick and tired of all their S***! They don't understand me AT ALL. My dad of course finds the one cabinet in my kitchen where I forgot I had put food like a year ago and he pulls things out and asks me WHY I won't eat them, and I'm all like, "They're a YEAR OLD!" and he's like, "Well if you get desperate enough you'll eat it!" that's his answer to me not being able to find food. Well I'd rather starve then eat something whose expiration date was LAST YEAR!!

I'm pissed...I just had to get stuff off of my chest. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.