hey everyone

okay, this is going to sound very strange but please bear with me...

on thursday night, i had a dream that i was at a golf course (where i work). A man was there and I was sitting down. of course, he v*ed unexpectadly RIGHT in front of me. it wasnt a lot, but in the dream, i fainted. The only thing is, it seemed SOOOO real that i can't help but wonder if it is possible to actually faint while sleeping.

I was curious to see whatfainting in a dream meant, so i just looked it up in my dream dictionary. this is what it said:

"if youhad the rare dream of being unconscious yourself, a physical checkup would probably be beneficial."

hmm...any thoughts?? have any of you experienced anything similiar? thanks everyone and have a really great weekend

-hayley xoxoEdited by: hayleyw