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    Why is it that when you see something nasty it keeps replaying over and over in your brain?


    Okay last night I was watching Maximum Exposure, it's basically a show about stupid people doing stupid stunts and getting hurt. My kind of show actually LoL. Usually I can handle it but sometimes there are nasty or graphic injuries.

    There are two particular ones that stick out in my mind. The first one is this dude was skate boarding and he fell on his hand the wrong way and it popped out of place and like bent backward.

    The second one was this kid was in a wrestling match and his opponant picked him up and slammed him down on the ground and his foot went the wrong way and his leg obviously snapped in half. I mean you could see the bone move and everything!

    So why do I keep replaying these images in my mind? Does anyone else tend to do this when they see something nasty? I also have a photographic memory so I can see every thing in perfect detail...BLECH! Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!

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    I can safely say now (especially scanning the net) that there is never a situation where there is only one person that has thought or done something.
    Yes I tend to replay images in my mind maybe not so much now as I use to but it was usually in a situation where where there was something that bothered me and I would get all worked up again.

    ***slightly graphic**

    I got ill at my sisters when I was 9 and I can replay it all in my mind from the 1st time to the last. I was sick almost the whole night on my nephews birthday.


    If a situation comes up that triggers a memory like that I can't stop the reruns of other times something like that happened.

    So no you aren't the only one. I sometimes concentrate on something else that is consuming like a crossword or a game. I find if it is bothering me I can focus attention enlsewhere

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