Hey everyone this is my first post, and I am a suffering emet. I am 18 years old, and this is a way which is AT THE MOMENT really helping me.

I can tell you right now, hypnosis, treatment, medication, social clubs etc. are all helpful, but they do not essentially TREAT your illness. Your mind is treating itself due to the fact you really BELIEVE the treatment is working. The best cure for your phobia is to not worry! Think about it, your sitting there becoming very panicy as you are thinking about being all panicy, and you think your are ebing panicy due to the fact you have a phobia for being sick. When we all talk about treatment and things too much, we will all end up getting to worked up about it, and CONSTANTLY thinking about what is the problem, where the way to solve, is to not think at all.
My father suffered from panic attacks, not from emetophobia, but from his work. He always thinking away from the panic, and sort of thinking in a sub-sense, WTF am i seriously blabbing to myself about?! There is no worry, I am not panicing, and i feel fine. Ever since my dad told me about this, i have been really focused on this idea, but NOT THINKING about it too much and just getting on with other things the best i can.

I am sort of recovering at the moment, and it really does work. Some of you may feel that when you get the panic, the best thing to do is to pace around in fresh air (preferably windy!) and maybe hold your breath or take deep breaths and then you start to feel calm. This may not be how you calm it when it happens, but if you have a method, its not the method thats working, its your mind reverting away from that panic thats working! This is because you know you WILL feel better once you do this, and therefore it works. You need to take this method, and turn it around for everyday things, make sure that you know that your phobia IS not physical, but mental. Its comepletely "mind of matter".

Some of you may have this problem for example. Say you are going out to a show or something, and you know the show is hard to "escape" from when in progress, and it causes you to feel ill and panic. Well, your thinking this before hand, so it will happen as you so used to it. When it happens, stand strong and dont think its not going to happen, DONT THINK ABOUT IT! Its very hard i know, but i mean, its hard to get this phobia when you think about it, is it not? Everything is possible, and working to a different mindset is the key. Your mind keeps you living your social and everyday life, and your in control of it people.

If you found this to be very true, i tell you to look into what ive said. It wont happen overnight, but it surely will work. Dont think IT WONT! because IT WILL!

Everytime you get a panic, just go back to this post, bookmark it, and think well, what am i doing?! You'll calm, eventually, it will no longer be a threat, and you will be cured.

Keep reminding yourself, this isnt an illness, i am just over-reacting. An illness (including food poisoning) is the only way you physcially become ill (unless you use your fingers!). I am not ill, so therefore i am COMPLETELY FINE!

All of you here, I just hope you realise the case of emetophobia isnt as bad as you think, and its nothing strong, easily conquerable and can be diminished in a SIMPLISTIC, but PERSONAL way!

Thanks guys, i hope many of you like what ive said.

Kind Regards,